Music – outdoors is where it’s at!

If you want to do a great play-based music program in early childhood settings, providing a music-rich environment is 90% of the battle.  But sometimes that can be difficult to achieve in a classroom – music play can be loud! Sometimes too loud!

Which is why your outdoor area is the best place for your music program – and why I’ve written a blog post for PreK + K Sharing with tips and tricks for taking the music outside.

From which of your “real” instruments work best & how to set them up, to building music stations and encouraging music to movement, it’s extensively illustrated and has a hands-on practical focus.

Outside is the place for music play!

Outside is the place for music play!

Check it out now at PreK + K Sharing, the cooperative early childhood blog.

PreK + K Sharing

3 thoughts on “Music – outdoors is where it’s at!

  1. I love mixing it up and doing activities outdoors – sometimes though i find that some children lose attention outdoors so it is good not to abandon the activity but try it again in a different setting. Of course outdoors is my first choice as i see that is where most kids want to be. love your site

    • Lesley, I realise that in this brief post I’ve given the impression that I think the outdoors is the only place for music play – and that was certainly not my intention. I believe the outdoors is often the best place for music play, but music should be available both indoors and outdoors, & in both free choice time and in more organised mat or circle time. A good music program uses all the environment and provides many different types of activities and play opportunities.

      In the full blog post on PreK + K Sharing I’ve gone into more detail about this, but I hope I haven’t discouraged anyone from providing music indoors! My post was meant to extend music play ideas, not narrow them.

      Thanks for your kind words!

      • I’ve gone back and edited the PreK + K Sharing post to make it explicit that I’m offering these ideas to extend the music program outdoors, not to replace the indoor component. Thanks for your feedback – it’s really helped me to improve the post!

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