Playground Heaven: Katanning All Ages Playground

There’s a playground in Katanning, Western Australia. But it’s no ordinary playground. I heard an excited boy yell: “LOOK!!! It’s full of GINORMOUS slides!!!” as he sprinted towards them.

He wasn’t wrong. The Katanning All Ages Playground is amazing! [Never heard of Katanning? Click here for map]

It’s like this:Spiral slide at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundIsn’t this spiral slide fantastic?!
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And this:Merry-go-round roundabout  at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundThis merry-go-round is powered by running “up hill” so it spins in the opposite direction. Get it moving and it spins for ages.

And this:3-way slide at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundThis is a 3-way slide, each slide different from the others

The play equipment in the Katanning All Ages Playground is big. Really big. It appears to have been built by people with too much time on their hands, access to an industrial-grade arc welder, massive amounts of steel, and a determination to make the playground as much fun as you can possibly imagine.

They succeeded.

There’s so much to show you that in this post I’m only going to concentrate on the slidesnext post will deal with all the merry-go-rounds, see-saws & ride-ons – and they really are worth waiting for.

Let’s start with the smallest (!) of the slides:

Stepped ripple slide at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundThis slide is a mere 4 metres or so, but it was very popular while I was there – see those horizontal lines? The slide is stepped, with a drop of about 20mm between each step, so you judder your way to the bottom. Lots of fun.

Side view of stepped ripple slide at Katanning All Ages Playground

As I said, this slide was popular: there are 5 children in the photo above, ranging in age from about 5 to maybe 14 years old. There’s not many playgrounds which can engage such a wide range of ages. It can engage adults too; here’s me about to take a turn on the same slide:

Looking down the stepped ripple slide at Katanning All Ages Playground

And me on the spiral slide from the first image:

Looking down the spiral slide at Katanning All Ages Playground

That spiral slide really is quite something. My guess is it’s around 8m high, and for a person with as bad a head for heights as me, getting up the spiral steps gave me some heart-in-mouth moments.

Looking down the spiral slide at Katanning All Ages Playground

It’s – gulp – quite a long way down, isn’t it?

The height certainly didn’t seem to bother the children – they were up it in an eye blink, laughing and shouting with glee.

Spiral slide at Katanning All Ages Playground

There’s a rather attractive symmetry to the design; the steps spiral in the opposite direction to the slide. Whoever designed this equipment had an eye for form as well as function.

Spiral slide at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundIt’s almost sculptural in quality. Yes, the sky really is that colour.

You’ve seen the next slide before: it’s the 3-way slide from an earlier image. It’s around 5m tall, I guess. Looking from this direction, the slide on the right is straight, the one on the left is gently wavy, and the centre one is seriously wavy.

3-way slide at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundIt’s wavy enough that you lift off over the bumps – look at the polish on that steel!

All the slides in the playground are very fast – the steel is slick, and polished by tens of thousands of bottoms – but they all have ample run-off sections to slow you up before you hit the dirt. They also get very hot from the summer sun. This is a playground for jeans or shorts, not skimpy dresses.

3-way slide at Katanning All Ages Playground

This is the straight slide; judging by the look of the steel it has had some sections replaced fairly recently – you can see the new sections which still have their galvanised surface, unlike the older sections which are oxidised.

Any playground requires ongoing maintenance, and over the years I should think that most of the slide sections have been replaced several times. Which brings me neatly to the next picture: the largest of the slides, which is ~12 metres high. But …

Big slide at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundDarn! I really wanted to have a go on this one! (Am I fooling anyone? I’m not sure I could force myself to climb this. My head for heights used to be good. Used to be …)

I spoke to a local who assured me that it is only temporarily out of action, while they repair a section that was rusting through. It’s all taped off, but you can see it’s pretty darn impressive when it’s usable, and two people can slide side by side.

Big slide at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundHere’s a side view which gives an idea of just how high this slide really is.

The attitude to risk at the Katanning All Ages Playground is positively refreshing. There is very little soft fall, the equipment definitely does not meet the Australian Playground Standards, and any child (or adult!) playing on it is absolutely aware that if you fall off structures this size you WILL get hurt. Yet the only concessions to the current bureaucratic obsession with safety-at-all-cost are these two signs:
Safety sign at Katanning All Ages PlaygroundSupervision sign at Katanning All Ages Playground

That seems very reasonable to me. A local I chatted with said that there were very few injuries in the playground. She knew of a boy who had broken his arm, but that was the only one she could remember. I’ve no doubt there have been other injuries – accidents happen even in bubble-wrapped plastic-fantastic challenge-free playgrounds – but a playground like this one demands, and gets, respect and caution from its users.

Speaking of plastic-fantastic: right next to the All Ages Playground there’s a prime example of the typical hideously garish playground. By most standards it’s a big playground: lots of equipment of many different types, all set in soft fall.

plastic toddlers' playground at Katanning All Ages Playground

I think it’s telling that even though there were several children of 5 and under in the All Ages Playground, not one of them bothered to set foot in the plastic playground during the whole 1.5 hours I spent there. In fact the only sign of life I saw was the Australian Magpie you can see in the picture.

I will leave you with one last image: a delightful mural of the playground, with the Katanning Miniature Railway in the foreground.

Mural at Katanning All Ages Playground

Make sure you check out Part Two: The Rides.

The Katanning All Ages Playground is open 365 days a year. Entrance is free. The Miniature Railway runs on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month (I don’t know the cost).

My thanks to the parents who let me take photos of their children playing in the playground.

So where is Katanning, exactly?

It’s around 290km south-east of Perth, a slight detour off the main route to Albany on the south coast. And believe me, that detour is well worth taking. Perth to Albany is 417km, and Google say the Katanning detour adds only 40km and 33 minutes to the journey. If you have kids, you will want to add at least an hour at the playground, maybe more.

The playground is located at the corner of Clive St West and Great Southern Highway. back to top

9 thoughts on “Playground Heaven: Katanning All Ages Playground

  1. I spent my high school years in boarding in Katanning (20+ years ago) & we would enjoy much time here on weekends- I can’t say I’ve seen teen age kids at a playground ever since!! Now we often detour to take our kids there. (p.s the merry go round is known as the satellite).
    So glad that “us” country kids were not cotton-wooled & this great play space has been maintained NOT replaced.

  2. It looks fantastic, back to the old ways of having FUN! The older type slides and swings etc were more fun and kids seemed to play for longer.

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  7. That is the best set of slides and slippery dips ever!
    We played with our 3 year old there for ages.
    This is a beacon for how much fun playgrounds can be!

  8. When my grandkids came to stay they loved the park . The BIG slide was fantastic, used to go down it with the littlest between my legs and…. Up they went again and again

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