Facebook & Timeline for Pages – Rant Starts Here

OK, let’s get totally off-topic here, and let me rant about Facebook.  Specifically, the new Timeline format for Pages.

Timeline has been out for a while now for personal profiles and now it is being rolled out for all Pages too.  So if you have a business or a fan Page you will be “upgraded” to the Timeline format by the end of March.  Or, if you wish you can elect to make the switch early.  I chose to switch early – here’s what my Child’s Play Music Facebook Page looks like now.

Looks nice – far better than the old look

Before I get into the rant: there’s lots to like about Timeline.  Graphically the new layout is far more appealing, navigation is easier, and in most respects administration is improved – the ability to change dates on posts is particularly welcome, as is the new Messaging system. But …

Although Timeline is being touted by both Facebook and many commentators as giving Page administrators greater control of how posts are displayed and formatted, I don’t agree: in some ways it’s much more limited.

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