Videos & images

Here are images and videos of actual incursions – children experiencing the joy of exploring Child’s Play Music’s fantastic instruments for the very first time!


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The slideshow features images from two kindergarten incursions, both at the same kindergarten but two very different groups of children.  Both are having the time of their lives, but every group is unique.  One group was relatively restrained, thoughtful and laid back; the other was exuberant and very active.  Both explored the instruments fully – vivre le difference!

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This first video shows the relatively laid back group of children:

And this is the more active group:

The contrast is marked, yet both groups are typical of the range of responses you can expect to encounter with your own children.  One of the joys of working with children is that no two children are the same, and no two groups of children respond alike.

It would be wonderful if we had videos of different age groups too, so you can see how older and younger children respond to Child’s Play Music’s incursions and instruments, but getting permission to film children is hard!  We had to get written permission from the school principal, the two teachers, their assistant, and from the parent of every child, and it was a condition of filming that we are not allowed to identify the school.  We are very grateful to everybody for allowing us to film these videos, and to the parents who did the actual filming.

If you think you could help us with shooting more videos at your school or centre, please contact us! We would love to hear from you! We can provide a high quality video camera (as used in the first video), and we can do all the editing.  You would get a brilliant record of your whole incursion, and we could share it with the world!