Risk assessment

At Child’s Play Music we take safety seriously.

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Child’s Play Music has been safely delivering music incursions since 1998.  No children’s activity is completely risk-free, so Child’s Play Music uses risk/benefit analysis to assess, reduce and manage risk.

All Child’s Play Music’s instruments have been carefully designed and constructed to reduce and manage risk:


  • All corners have been rounded, sharp edges removed and the instruments are checked daily for damage or potential hazards.
  • The drumsticks are bluntly rounded on both ends and are reinforced with cloth tape; this means that if a drumstick breaks it breaks cleanly, without sharp protrusions.
  • Mouthpieces of wind instruments are washed between each child.

Child’s’ Play Music’s programs are also carefully designed to reduce and manage risk:

  • During the introduction we remind children to act carefully, & to walk (not run) with drumsticks. We monitor this throughout the program.
  • We have tested volume levels of the incursion with a decibel meter to ensure that they remain within safe ranges and to protect your children’s hearing.
  • Throughout the program children are supervised at all times.  Before each incursion we brief your staff on managing risk and monitoring children’s risk-taking behaviour so we are all working together to ensure the safest possible environment.

We are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity, and our facilitator has a full Working With Children Check clearance and card.