Community events

Festivals, carnivals, community get-togethers, fair days, fetes, family fun days: wherever people come together Child’s Play Music can be there!

Child playing drums at Mandurah Children's Festival, 2013

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Nothing brings people together better than music; in every culture, in every community, music is the common bond that says “we are one; we are together; we are celebrating ourselves and our community.”

With over 60 fantastic musical instruments to explore, Child’s Play Music offers a unique attraction that adds the joy of music to your community celebration.  It’s a real drawcard that will enhance any community event.

Even infants can play our instruments - Joondalup Little Feet Festival, 2014.

It’s not a performance, there are no organised activities, there’s no pressure or expectations: it’s all about the total freedom to play and explore. Our instruments invite playful experimentation; they are simple enough for infants to play but deeply satisfying for people of any age.

Children playing thongophone at Mandurah Children's Festival, 2013


Every child loves music but it’s not just little children who will love Child’s Play Music.  Parents, teenagers, adults young and old – everybody can play our instruments!  Our free-flow hands-on program is relaxed and welcoming, offering the chance to explore music through play.

Teenager playing drums at Mandurah Children's Festival, 2013

Our free-flow programs are also perfect for your school or centre’s fair day, open day, sports carnival or any other activity day.

We can set up in any open area, grassed or paved.  Contact us now to make your booking!