Kindergarten to year 3

A Child’s Play Music incursion is simply the most educational 1 hour program available.  Nothing else compares to the fun, excitement and learning your students will experience and we cover the whole of Perth and Mandurah. Our in-school visits are designed to meet your educational needs.

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Watch this video of a kindergarten class exploring the instruments.  The joy is obvious – and so is the learning! This is actual unscripted footage from a real Child’s Play Music incursion – these children have never played our instruments before!


From Kindergarten to Year Three – we have a program that’s right for your students. With over 60 instruments to explore through free play and orchestral music activities your students will learn so much!  And they will be having so much fun they won’t even realise they are learning, yet the learning outcomes are real, relevant and extend across the whole curriculum.

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We guarantee that we can keep your students focused and learning for the whole 1 hour session.  Up to 30 students can take part in each session, so the whole class will be involved and actively learning.

Each in-school visits also features structured orchestral activities that stretch the children and introduce new music concepts, and concludes with a time for reflection and questions to consolidate their learning.

“This is going to be a springboard for many more musical activities … the children LOVED it, and immediately made plans and built their own instruments” Read more …

Child’s Play Music’s instruments are almost unbreakable – no need for you to worry about children mistreating them!  We build them tough so young children can explore them fully.  And they sound wonderful!

Every music incursion is designed and facilitated by Alec Duncan (B. Soc. Sci. Children Studies), a fully qualified early childhood educator with over 20 years professional experience working with children.

It’s more than just an in-school visit – every teacher also receives two big booklets of follow-up music activities and instrument making instructions, to extend and consolidate the children’s learning long after the incursion is over. And every child receives a certificate of achievement!

You can customise the incursion.  Got a theme you want us to work with? Maybe you would like a multicultural focus, or a special emphasis on recycling and sustainability.  Perhaps you are doing jungles or making your own instruments.  Whatever your focus, we can address it to help you meet your educational goals.

Free-flow programs for school activity days.

Child’s Play Music is also perfect for your fair day, sports carnival or other whole of school activity day.  See our community events page for more information about our fantastic free-flow programs.

That’s kindergarten children in the video – what about older children?

Each incursion is carefully structured to be developmentally appropriate for the age and year of your students. For older children we have additional instruments that are more challenging to play and we extend the orchestral activities to stretch your junior primary students.

Typically primary age children tend to form themselves into mini-bands and to structure their own play much more than the very young children in the video; they cooperate with each other in play and exploration.

Older children explore instruments in more sophisticated ways; they learn different things than younger children – they bring their prior learning and experience to the program.  Because they are more cognitively sophisticated they are much more aware of the instruments & the materials they are made from, and they immediately realise they too can make instruments from recycled materials.

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