Instrument making videos

How-to videos for simple instruments

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Child’s Play Music likes to share, so here are our videos about making simple musical instruments from inexpensive materials.  Keep coming back, we are making more!

Want to make a great drum that’s easy enough for even a 4 year old to make? Seek no further!  Packing tape is the magic material for drum skins:


And why gaffer tape or duct tape won’t work:

The world’s simplest reed instrument, the balloon bassoon:

Ideas for incorporating music play into water play:

For full guidance on implementing music play & water play with children, see this blog post


We also feature the best instrument making videos from YouTube – if it’s here, it’s got Child’s Play Music’s seal of approval, so you know you can trust it.

Bart Hopkin is the doyen of junk and homemade instruments: check out how to make a driftwood xylophone.  It also works with ordinary wood 🙂

The simplest way to make a rain stick. Simply twist up some aluminium foil, stuff it in a cardboard tube and add dried beans or lentils. Cap each end with some tape and voila! A rain stick perfect for making with very young children.

For a slightly more authentic rain stick check this video:

And for tips for the best fillers for your rain sticks:

Want to make a string instrument with children that sounds great and is incredibly easy to make? Bash the Trash show you how to make rubber band instruments that are REAL instruments, not just toys.  Forget tissue boxes – THIS is how you do it!

Another great string instrument from Bash the Trash – the Tube-tar! So simple yet it sounds wonderful.