No steak knives

Drum roll!  A flourish of trumpets!!  Cymbals!!!  Presenting the very first blog post from Child’s Play Music!!!!

Well, actually, from me, Alec Duncan, because last time I checked Child’s Play Music couldn’t type.  No, once again, it’s up to me to do the real work while Child’s Play Music gets the kudos.  Mumble, mumble, you can’t get good help nowadays, mumble, mumble …

Alec Duncan

Alec has hands for typing; Child

So what, I hear you ask, is this blog going to be about? 

I’m glad you asked that.  First it’s probably best to say what this blog is NOT going to be about:

It’s not going to be about Child’s Play Music.

No steak knives

I mean, seriously!  Does anyone really want to read a blog full of breathless product releases, self-congratulating spin, and dubious ‘news stories’ extolling the virtues of this week’s once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-repeated, must-end-soon special offer (with free steak knives)?  Anybody?  You in the back row, are you raising your hand? No? *****

Fine, I think we’ve got that out of the way.

Sure, Child’s Play Music will get the occasional mention, but I promise you it will be in passing and only when strictly relevant to the subject of the post.  Instead, this blog is going to be about stuff I think you will find interesting, useful, & practical; hopefully at least some of it will be amusing.

My intention is to write about my obsessions, and many of those can be subsumed under the broad heading of “early childhood education”.  Specifically, play-based early childhood education, because when it comes to early childhood education that’s the only kind that works.

No doubt this blog will mutate and grow; one thing I’ve noticed is that most blogs take a while to settle in to their stride.  Finding my voice will take time.  But to give you a taste of what I hope to cover:

Expect posts about: music play, outdoor play, nature play, water play, art play, risky play, ball play, construction play, loose parts play … expect posts about making musical instruments and implementing play-based music programs … expect posts about playgrounds and the changing face of children’s play … expect posts about the politics of education, educational reform, educational research, community attitudes to education … expect posts about child care centres, kindergartens, schools, early childhood educators and teachers … expect …

You get the idea.  My next post is going to be about incorporating music into water play. Get your swimming cossie on, get out the water play table, and let’s make music!

Stay tuned … and keep playing!


***** Look, if you really want relentless self-promotion check my website, because I am in business, I’m a teensy bit proud of what I do with Child’s Play Music and that’s what the website is for – persuading you that hiring me would be a really, really good idea.  No steak knives, though. back


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11 thoughts on “No steak knives

    • Thank you, and coming from a blogger whom I admire greatly I really appreciate it! I hope to have the video ready shortly for the next blog post. I won’t be doing a Teacher Tom, though – no way will I be posting daily.

  1. haha I love it – I can see this becomg a favourite of mine Alec – good luck with posts & if they are all as humouress as this one you’ll be grand 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words, everybody! I’ve got a few things in the planning stage some of which will require interviews and video. My focus is going to be on quality, rather than quantity – I’m hoping to post weekly, but if I haven’t got anything good I would rather not post at all.

    • Thanks Juliet – like you I’m passionate about outdoor play and I truly believe that the outdoors is the perfect place for music play (in all weathers – if you have the right instruments made from the right materials then rain or even snow is no barrier).

  3. Sorry I’m so late, but welcome to the world of blogging Alec. You’ll be wonderful & we will all benefit from your input. One more guy to ruffle those birds’ feathers, huh?

    • What kept you? But seriously, Greg, thanks for the welcome. I’m really enjoying the challenge – it’s weird, but now my first thought is “hmm, I wonder if there’s a blog post in that?” and I’m noting down all my ideas for potential posts. I’ve got some good ones coming up about music, and I want to extend into other areas too.

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