Facebook & Timeline for Pages – Rant Starts Here

OK, let’s get totally off-topic here, and let me rant about Facebook.  Specifically, the new Timeline format for Pages.

Timeline has been out for a while now for personal profiles and now it is being rolled out for all Pages too.  So if you have a business or a fan Page you will be “upgraded” to the Timeline format by the end of March.  Or, if you wish you can elect to make the switch early.  I chose to switch early – here’s what my Child’s Play Music Facebook Page looks like now.

Looks nice – far better than the old look

Before I get into the rant: there’s lots to like about Timeline.  Graphically the new layout is far more appealing, navigation is easier, and in most respects administration is improved – the ability to change dates on posts is particularly welcome, as is the new Messaging system. But …

Although Timeline is being touted by both Facebook and many commentators as giving Page administrators greater control of how posts are displayed and formatted, I don’t agree: in some ways it’s much more limited.

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Copyright, Pinterest and Child’s Play Music

Debbie Clement of RainbowsWithinReach has a very interesting blog post about intellectual property today.  Most of it I had never considered, and it drew my attention to another post about intellectual property & Pinterest at Corkboard Connections.

So, in the spirit of those two posts, here are my rules for Pinning images from this blog and web site:

I’m entirely happy for you to Pin my own images; no, I would LOVE you to pin my images.  All I ask is that you credit me and this site in your notes to the Pin.  Simple.

Um, not quite that simple.  Because there are two types of images here:

  1. My own images, where I own the copyright, or images that are copyright-free and in the public domain.
  2. Images where someone else owns the copyright, but I have permission to use the image.

It’s easy to tell the difference; any image that is credited to another website is NOT MY IMAGE, or is not in the public domain.  I always provide a link to the original source, and I always have permission from the copyright owner to use the image.

So, if you want to Pin one of those images: don’t. Or at least, not from here. Follow the link to the original location of the image and Pin it from there. Preferably ask permission from the copyright owner or at least check out their rules about sharing images.

To make it absolutely clear: check out the two images below.  The first is my own image; you can tell because I don’t give a link or source for it.  You are welcome to pin it.

Picture of Alec Duncan with homemade instruments.

No link, no source: it's my image, go right ahead and Pin it!

The next one is NOT my own image; you can tell because I DO give a link and source for it.  Please don’t Pin it from here – go to the original source.

Child playing outside musical instruments

Link & source: it's NOT my own image, please don't Pin it from here.

 Source: let the children play

 Please respect these rules – it’s just common courtesy.

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Music – outdoors is where it’s at!

If you want to do a great play-based music program in early childhood settings, providing a music-rich environment is 90% of the battle.  But sometimes that can be difficult to achieve in a classroom – music play can be loud! Sometimes too loud!

Which is why your outdoor area is the best place for your music program – and why I’ve written a blog post for PreK + K Sharing with tips and tricks for taking the music outside.

From which of your “real” instruments work best & how to set them up, to building music stations and encouraging music to movement, it’s extensively illustrated and has a hands-on practical focus.

Outside is the place for music play!

Outside is the place for music play!

Check it out now at PreK + K Sharing, the cooperative early childhood blog.

PreK + K Sharing

A leap of faith – Child’s Play Music goes global

To say I’m excited would be an understatement.  I’ve been selected to write a regular post for the prestigious PreK + K Sharing cooperative ECE blog!

PreK + K Sharing

I will be blogging alongside some of the greats of the ECE blogosphere, bloggers from all over the world, with thousands of influential posts to their credit.  I’m honoured – and very slightly puzzled.

Considering that my total blogging experience consists of just two posts here at Child’s Play Music that’s an amazing leap of faith on the part of Debbie Clements, PreK + K’s founder & organiser, and an ECE blogging luminary in her own right.

I’d like to think that it’s the sheer quality of my writing – the profundity and erudition of my prose – the enormous depth of my knowledge – and the sparkling originality of my ideas that made Debbie realise that I was the perfect writer for PreK & K.  However, I suspect that it was one word that made Debbie certain that I should get the nod.

That word was: deadline.

To quote from our correspondence:

Debbie: “SOOOOOOOOOOOO. It’s the 25th. At this point in time, it’s on an every other month sort of basis that I need a contribution from you, beginning next week for the 25th.”

Me: “Jan 25th! Wow that’s short notice. Trying to get that together and learn Blogger might be a bit tricky, but I’ll see what I can do.”

Debbie: “AWESOME!!!!!”

In the face of that sort of enthusiasm, what can you do?  I buckled down and wrote the damn thing.  And I think it’s pretty good.

It’s an article about why your outdoor area is the perfect place for your music program. Get music out of the classroom and outside in the dirt where it belongs! OK, that may seem a fairly strange statement: surely music is a genteel pastime, best suited to the salon, the studio and the concert hall.  Isn’t it?

Nope.  But you will have to read the post to find out why. It will be published January 25th, 5.00am EST (that’s US Eastern Standard Time). PreK + K Sharing.  You read it here first.


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